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Top 5 Women’s Shoes for Fall

September 03, 2019

When summer started, you were so excited to get to wear flip flops and sandals again, right? Now that it’s almost fall, though, you’re probably ready for something new. You’ve been staring longingly at those boots in the back of your closet, watching the weather and waiting for the right time to bring them out again. While you wait, why not add a few friends? Here are the top 5 fall shoes that every woman should have.

Thigh High Boots
Riding style boots have been popular for several years, but thigh highs are beginning to take over. There’s something undeniably chic about them, especially when they’re paired with a sweater dress. You might be used to seeing tall, pointed heels on thigh highs, but if that’s not your thing they look just as good with shorter heels. 

Ankle Booties
Ankle booties have taken over the shoe world the last few years. While heels in the past were kept to a minimum, ankle booties of late have been getting a makeover. Tall, thick heels are now the norm. Paired with ankle jeans and a leather jacket, these shoes give your look a sassy, edgy vibe that fits in perfectly with the fall season.

Rain Boots
You probably don’t need these if you live in a fairly dry climate, but if you live where fall means rain and lots of it, rain boots will save the day on more than one occasion. They don’t have to look juvenile, though. Sophisticated colors and contemporary prints turn a piece of kid’s fashion into a stylish must-have for any age group.

Also known as slippers you can wear outside without getting weird looks - loafers are classy upscale shoes that instantly take an outfit to the next level. The reason they’re so perfect for fall is because they’re warm, comfortable, versatile, and there’s just something about them that screams New England prep.

Similar to loafers, oxfords are old fashioned but oh so charming. They pair perfectly with warm fleece-lined tights and skirts or dresses. Oxfords are also easy to dress up for the office or dress down for a night out. If you’re looking for a do-it-all shoe, you’ve found it. While oxfords come in many different colors, starting out with iconic brown is the best way to go. If you’re ever stuck for ideas, you’ll find outfit inspiration all over the place!

Shoes are mandatory in our modern world, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same old, same old all the time. Each season, let your inner fashionista run wild!