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The Ultimate Guide to Game Day Style

August 30, 2019

Whether it be hockey, football, basketball, or any other sport, you might be stumped about what to wear for the big game.

This is particularly true if you’re not generally a regular sports enthusiast. 

That’s why we wanted to give you some style inspiration to help you fit right into the crowd at the big game, all while ensuring you look fashionable.

Are you ready to combine sporty with trendy? Let’s dig in! 

Denim + Logo Tee + Sneakers

Game day style does not have to be complicated. In fact, the more simple you keep it, the more you’ll fit in.

Go for a tee that has your team’s logo on it, pair with your favorite denim, and throw on some cute sneakers for a look that screams cool and casual.

And hey, if you don’t have a logo tee, you can always try raiding the closet of a family member or significant other. Simply tie the shirt at the back if it’s too big, and you instantly have yourself your own logo tee.

Add A Baseball Hat
The easiest way to add a touch of game day flair to any outfit? 

Simply throw on a baseball cap with the team’s logo on it! 

You can really add this to any outfit, and you quickly and easily become a sports fan. 

Just Wear the Team Colors 
When in doubt about what to wear for game day, you’ll never fail if you rock the team’s colors.

A summer dress, a crewneck sweater, your favorite striped tee… Whatever the case, if you’ve got it in the team’s color, and you can pair it with accessories that are in the secondary color of the team, you’re set for game day.

Go for the athleisure look
If you don’t have any logo merchandise, and you can’t find pieces done in the colors of the team, we always suggest going with a more athleisure inspired look for game day.

Leave your heels at home and opt for casual sneakers instead. If you have cool joggers, wear them. And, if you’re a fan of the basic tee, go for it.

As we mentioned, for game day, the more simple you keep it, the better. Throw a little sporty style into the mix, and you’re golden. Easy peasy. 


Really, when it comes to game day style, it’s all about finding logo merchandise or the team’s colors, and then styling those pieces in ways that most reflect your personal style. 

Beyond that, as mentioned, go for a relaxed, athleisure look, and we’ve got no doubt you’ll be fitting right in at your next sporting event.