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At the Movies: August 16

August 15, 2019

Good Boys
Invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his best friends Lucas and Thor for some much-needed help on how to pucker up. When they hit a dead end, Max decides to use his father's drone to spy on the teenage girls next door. When the boys lose the drone, they skip school and hatch a plan to retrieve it before Max's dad can figure out what happened. 

R. Adventure/Comedy. Directed by Gene Stupnitsky. 1h 40m.

What the Internet is Saying: “…Fast-paced and energetic.” – Variety 


A dark folk tale set in the hills of Wales during the industrial revolution.

NR. Drama/Mystery. Directed by William McGregor. 1h 26m.

What the Internet is Saying: “…Elliptical narratives and spiritual despair render everything kind of spooky.” – Los Angeles Times 

Where’d You Go Bernadette?
Bernadette Fox seems to have it all -- a beautiful home, a loving husband and a brilliant teenage daughter. When Bernadette suddenly disappears, her concerned family sets off on an exciting adventure to solve the mystery of where she might have gone. 

PG-13. Drama/Mystery. Directed by Richard Linklater. 2h 10m. 

What the Internet is Saying: “’Where'd You Go, Bernadette’ offers a solid showcase for Cate Blanchett, in a movie that's notably slight, but finally sweet and touching.” – CNN 

47 Meters Down: Uncaged
Four teenage divers discover that the sunken ruins of a Mayan city are also a hunting ground for deadly great white sharks. With their air supply steadily dwindling, the frightened girls must navigate the underwater labyrinth of claustrophobic caves and eerie tunnels in search of a way out of their watery hell. 

PG-13. Drama/Thriller. Directed by Johannes Roberts. 1h 29m.

What the Internet is Saying: “…Swaps survivalist thrills for slasher movie kills.” – Forbes