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Back to School: What’s Cool for Kids

August 12, 2019

Whether it’s schooltime or hanging out on the weekends, kids want trendy clothing options just like teenagers and adults! Age-appropriate and affordable, here are some of the best on-trend outfits to check out this season:

Dresses are always on trend – take them from summer to fall and beyond by adding a pair of leggings and cute booties to transition her favorite summer dress into a trendy fall piece.

Patterns and prints are especially on trend. Boys and girls apparel comes with a variety of fun and colorful patterns to match any interest or pop culture reference!

Vintage-inspired pants are cute for kids, too. High-waisted and bell bottom jeans are popular for all ages right now – especially kids and young teens.

Look for texture. One way to find something on trend it to look for outerwear with unique additions – faux fur, textured fabric or extra embellishments. Showing off a personality with fun, quirky style is on trend this year!

Layers add dimension. Boys and girls can easily layer tops for that retro 90s look – lightweight button-down tops work well over t-shirts and help offer wardrobe options with transitioning seasons.

It’s easy to find trendy clothes for kids, just don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options! Let your kid pick out a couple of trendy pieces to go with the classics (like denim) and you’ll have a colorful but functional wardrobe for any occasion.