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Get Ready for Gameday

August 09, 2019

I’m not here to lie – I’m not the most dedicated football fan… 

BUT I’m always ready to celebrate with friends and throw a party! Here are my favorite items for a perfect tailgate, every time:

Yard games – because everyone wants to have a little fun! Some of our favorites include cornhole, giant jenga, dominos, cards, and Spikeball!

A grill – obviously the smaller, the better but any size will do! We all know a tailgate isn’t much without some yummy food! *Also, don’t forget to pack your grilling tools!*

Plastic plates and cutlery – we recommend purchasing reusable plates and cutlery, but you can also just bring one-time use items.

Food – it kind of goes without saying, but just in case….don’t forget the food! We love to grill hotdogs and hamburgers, and serve with chips and snacks! Tell your guests to bring a side or dessert to share and your party will be rockin’ in no time.

A tailgating tent – a little shade can be much-needed during the first few games of the year! Be sure to bring your tent stakes too in case it gets windy.

Table and tablecloth – oh, and don’t forget clips for the tablecloth! That breeze that makes the early season games bearable can also wreak havoc if you’re not prepared.

Lawn chairs/tailgating chairs – because all of your fellow tailgaters will need somewhere to hang out and relax.

Cooler with ice – depending on the number of people you’re entertaining, you may need multiple coolers, but we recommend investing in a quality cooler that will keep your drinks cold all day long! 

Plastic cups, drinks, bottle opener – basically everything you need to open and serve those delicious beverages you brought.

Clean up materials – think paper towels, wet wipes, trash bags, etc.

Fan gear – not only do you want gameday gear to wear, but you’ll also want to decorate your tailgating area. We stock up on everything from shirts and jerseys to glasses, necklaces, earrings, and garland!

Last but not least, ladies make sure your bag is stadium approved! If you plan on going into the game, be sure to look up the bag policy for the stadium you’re heading to. If you don’t have an “approved” bag, don’t worry – plenty of retailers actually have cute stadium-approved bags! 

What must-have items do you have on your tailgate list?! Don’t forget to have fun, and cheer loud!