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Wedding Party Gift Guide

August 02, 2019

As the bride and groom, you have so many decisions to make. What kind of cake do you both want? Indoor or outdoor ceremony? Small guest list, or royal wedding? All of these are important, of course, but a biggie that you can’t forget is gifts for the wedding party. After all, your friends are supporting you through the ups and downs of wedding planning, and they’ll be the ones reminding you both to breathe when those last minute jitters creep up. They deserve something for the occasion, and sometimes an open bar just isn’t enough. Consider these bridesmaid and groomsmen gift ideas to remind your best buds that you appreciate them being there for you on your big day. 

Monogrammed Jewelry - Everybody likes personalized jewelry. Whether you go for monograms or initials, your bridesmaids will appreciate that you took the time to get something unique to each of them. If you go for rose gold, so much the better! 

Matching PJ’s and Silk Robes - You know those classic wedding photos that show the bridal party in matching pj’s or beautiful robes all laughing and getting ready? You’re going to want those, no matter how silly it may seem. Achieve this look and give the perfect gifts at the same time!

Self Care Basket - Face masks, body scrubs, lotion, scented candles…what more could a girl want? Give your best gals everything they need to unwind after the wedding, all in a pretty basket.

Wine - A nice bottle of your favorite wine is always appreciated. Not only is it personal, when they pop it open they’ll be thinking of you. You could even include wine glasses to commemorate the day. Wine not?

Flask - You might think this one is overdone, but you’d be wrong. Every person on Earth has a use for a flask, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Besides, the groom isn’t the only one who might need a little nip before the ceremony.

Shaving Kit - It’s a sad truth that many men have not experienced a really good shave. From the wrong razor, to cheap shaving cream, guys everywhere are roughing it. Give your groomsmen the gift of a shave done right by providing them with everything they need. 

Swiss Army Knife - When men aren’t breaking things, they’re fixing things. Or they’re trying to open a bottle or can. Or...the list goes on. What’s the most useful tool for every job imaginable? A Swiss army knife, of course. And if anything at your wedding needs a quick repair, you’ll know you have an entire wedding party that’s prepared to step in.

Whiskey Glasses and Stones - If a flask isn’t classy enough, how about the ever-popular whiskey glass and stones set? Because no one likes watered-down whiskey, and there’s just something about drinking out of a rocks glass that makes you feel like you’ve come up in the world.

Get the best for the best! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen aren’t there for the gifts; they’re there to celebrate you and your future spouse as you embark on a new life together. For that alone, they deserve at least a small token of gratitude.