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How to Wear Bold Colors

July 26, 2019

Trust us, we get it - incorporating bold color into your wardrobe can be a scary thing. 

Between avoiding looking like an adolescent and unwanted attention, knowing how to wear bold color can feel like a challenge.

Lucky for you, though, today, we’ve got 5 tips to share for the next time you want to sport some bold color.

Let’s stop fearing color, shall we? 

Start with ONE bold color.
If bold color isn’t your usual style, we would suggest simply starting with one bold color in your outfit.

Perhaps it’s a bright red tank with some skinny jeans, or maybe you have a pair of electric blue sandals that you’ve been eying? Pair them with neutrals, like blacks, tans, and browns, so your bold color can stand out in the best possible way.

Start slowly.
In that same vein, if you’re still not confident with bold color, why not try incorporating just small pops? 

So, rather than rocking a neon pink dress, simply add some neon pink earrings to your outfit. Or maybe a crossbody bag in buttery yellow is more your style?

Either way, a pop of color through your accessories is always a safe (and stylish) way to wear bold hues.

Pick a bold color OR a bold print.
When you’re styling your bold color, we suggest not adding any bold prints into the mix. This will oftentimes be overwhelming to your outfit. Plus, we want to let that bold color be the star of the show, right?

Keep the rest of your outfit relatively neutral, and you’ll be good to go. 

Try colored stripes.
Having said that, if you do want to wear a bold print and a bold color, stripes are the way to go.

In particular, rainbow stripes are very on-trend right now. There’s fully rainbow striped blouses, rainbow striped hats, and even full rainbow striped dresses.

There’s a bold rainbow striped style out there with your name on it. Guaranteed. 

Embrace YOUR style.
And last but not least, we want to remind you that you can wear bold colors any way you want.

While we might have suggested only wearing one bold color at a time and keeping your outfit neutral, if your personal style tends to land on the statement-making end of the spectrum, embrace that - and let all your favorite bold color pairings shine bright. 

When it comes to fashion, there are no rules.