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Athleisure Done Right

April 27, 2018

Once in a while, style evolves to bring us something so perfect, so wonderful, it’s as if it was always meant to be. Athleisure is one of those stylistic trends that everyone knows and loves, because it combines the comfort of loungewear with the sporty look of workout gear. If you’re stuck on where to go and how to best embrace this trend, read on.

The Tracksuit is Back

No longer is athleisure just about leggings and tank tops. The infamous tracksuit, beloved by 70’s stylists, is making it’s second comeback. While this article of clothing is most often used by athletes during competitions, any sporty person (even if your sport is jogging from the couch to the fridge) can pull it off.

Woman wearing grey track suit with black leather jacket

Crop Top Hoodie

What better shows off abs than a crop top? For the perfect combo, try a pair of yoga pants with a matching sports bra, and throw a cut-off hoodie over the ensemble. In a flash you’re ready for your post-workout smoothie, or a quick errand-run around town.

Woman wearing black yoga pants with light grey crop top hoodie

Let Your Clothes Speak for You

Why expend effort talking when your shirt can do the job? “Shopping is My Cardio.” “Messy Bun & Getting Stuff Done.” “Smile for Me.” Find your motto and rock it.

Woman wearing a pink tank top that say Smile for Me with pink boxing gloves

Keep It Neutral

If bold colors and crazy patterns are your thing, go for it! But looking at the season’s trends, athleisure is made up of neutrals like grey, black, and white. If you keep your basics neutral, you can add a colorful flair with accessories or a jacket.

Woman wearing an all black workout outfit with black sports bra and black yoga pants

Let Your Shoes Stand Out

A black, gray, or white sneaker will go well with anything (leggings, joggers, etc.), but bold colors, patterns, or even pastel and metallic sneakers will add a fun and creative pop.

Two woman bending dow to tie their running shoes on the steps

Now that you have the top tips for a great athleisure look, go out there and conquer in style - and in comfort.