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At the Movies: April 20

April 19, 2018

I Feel Pretty

A woman who struggles with feelings of insecurity and inadequacy on a daily basis wakes from a fall believing she is suddenly the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet. With this newfound confidence, she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realizes her appearance never changed? Starring Amy Schumer, Emily Rayajkowski, and Michelle Williams.

PG-13. Comedy. Directed by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn. 1h 50m.

What the Internet Says

“Amy Schumer's new rom-com is an open-hearted and occasionally funny story of self-confidence.” ­– Indie Wire

“'I Feel Pretty' beautifully serves haters an uplifting message about confidence.” – USA Today

Our Take: Ladies: round up your posse. You’ve gotta go and see this one. This flick will definitely make you laugh!

Super Troopers 2

Fired for their previous shenanigans, former Vermont Highway Patrol officers Thorny, Farva, Rabbit, Foster and Mac get a shot at redemption from Capt. O'Hagan and Gov. Jessan. The wacky quintet must provide law enforcement for a French Canadian town that's transitioning to U.S. sovereignty. Their unconventional methods soon get put to the test when they encounter a smarmy mayor, mischievous Mounties, a smuggling ring and a 1,300-pound bear.

R. Comedy/Crime. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar. 1h 40m.

What the Internet Says

“A Serviceable Comedy Sequel with Canada Jokes to Spare.” – Collider

Our Take: The first Super Troopers is a classic when it comes to modern comedies, and like with all long-awaited sequels, this one may not add up to be as legendary as the original. But if you love spoofy characters and 80’s humor, Super Troopers is worth a trip to the theater.