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Festival Style – Boho Chic

April 13, 2018

As soon as winter fades away, there’s an excitement in the air – it’s festival season! Whether you’re planning a trip to the Coachella Valley or you have a local music festival coming to your area, festival style is all about fun, color and personal aesthetic.

Not sure what to wear while packing your festival look? Keep these simple tips in mind as you head to the mall for an updated wardrobe: festival style is your own style, just amped up! Look for pieces that fit your everyday style, but with a bohemian or vintage twist.

Bohemian Chic

One of the iconic aspects of festival style is bohemian or vintage-inspired looks. Lightweight fabrics and sheer textures are perfect to handle the warmer weather and walking around from stage to stage catching your favorite artists – layer simple tanks, high waisted bikini bottoms and bodysuits with sheer maxi dresses, embellished with 60s-inspired patterns, embroidery or lace.

Two woman in boho chic style with flower headbands and arm full of bangles.

Strappy sandals

At any music festival, prepare to be walking and standing for long periods of time. Comfortable sandals are essential – especially styles that allow your feet to breathe. Sandals with leather ties that wrap around the ankles and legs offer support and comfort without feeling too restrictive for a day of festival-going.

Brown suede wedge sandals laying by the pool on a stripe blue towel.

Colorful accessories

Festival style is all about bright pops of color and plenty of accessories. Look for layered necklaces in a design that fits your personal aesthetic – whether it’s strands of beads in a range of bright colors or you prefer a more minimalist gold lariat – jewelry is a stylish final touch to your overall look. Temporary jewels and decals designed for the skin also add a bit of shimmer to your festival-inspired makeup!

Two women wearing colorful festival accessories.

Hats + Sunnies

No matter where you plan to enjoy a music festival, chances are it will be out in the sun! Protect your skin and hair from hours of sunlight by wearing floppy felt hats that match your overall look – round lenses or other chic sunglasses will also offer essential protection from the sun.

Woman wearing round sunglasses.

When it comes to festival style, don’t be afraid to experiment with color and texture – it’s the perfect way to prepare for summer and get away from your everyday look!