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Spring Sneaker Trends

April 05, 2018

If you’ve been wearing heels in the name of fashion, there’s some good news on the horizon – sneakers are making a comeback! When looking for a comfortable shoe to wear this spring, you might be surprised to learn that sneakers are rounding out some of the hottest looks in fashion.

Whether you’re doing some shopping around the mall or you’re checking out what your favorite celebrities are wearing, you literally can’t miss the various sneaker styles trending right now! Here are some of the top spring sneaker trends to keep an eye on.

Dad Sneakers

Yes, you read that correctly. Chunky soles, contrasting colors and patterns are one of the top spring sneaker trends – from models and celebrities to the fashion runways, these ‘dad sneakers’ are one of the hottest shoe trends out there. One way to embrace the look fashionably is to pair the chunky, orthopedic-influenced shoes with white crew socks!

Woman wearing white dad sneakers paired with light denim jeans and long grey sweater.

Woman wearing metallic silver dad sneakers and black leggings.

Bold Prints

Make a fashion statement with your sneakers by choosing a style that features a bold print. Bold colors, patterns, or even pastel and metallic sneakers will add a fun and creative pop to any outfit. Printed sneakers are perfect for those who want to embrace the trend and standout.

Yellow floral print shoes with shoelaces in the shape of a heart.

Woman wearing black distressed jeans, a white shirt and leopard slip on sneakers.

Glitter and Shimmer

Add the perfect amount of sparkle to your everyday look with glitter sneakers! These eye-catching shoes add an extra pop to any outfit – and since you’re going bold with shimmer, go even further by pairing them with a colorful blouse or jacket. Glitter sneakers are essential for those who want a playful shoe without all the chunky accents found with other trendy styles.

Woman wearing sliver glitter sneakers.

Woman wearing white sneakers with a silver toe and silver jewels.

90s Nostalgia

Thick soles and neon colors of the 90s are back – shoe designers are collaborating with some of the iconic names of that decade, including Lisa Frank, for fun and whimsical designs. If you missed the trend the first time around, now’s your chance to embrace that inner teenager.

Light pink lace platform sneaker.

White high-top sneakers.

No longer designed just with fitness in mind, spring sneaker trends are full of chunky textures and comfortable fit!