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How to Wear the Floral Trend

March 15, 2018

If there’s one springtime fashion staple that we consistently gravitate towards, it would most definitely be florals. Whether it’s pastel florals, embroidery, or just a subtle hint of the springtime classic, once that sun starts shining, floral fashion hits in full bloom. Of course, though, each season, floral fashion gets a different twist. If you’re ready to rock florals this season in the most on trend way possible, we’ve got you covered.

Romantic Florals

Nothing too wild or crazy here. For Spring 2018, look for florals done in muted tones and airy fabrics. Think light, soft, and conventionally feminine. An airy blouse in a light chiffon, covered in pastel floral? Perfect.

Dark haired young woman sitting on curb wearing a light chiffon floral blouse and neutral color shoes

Tropical Florals

But hey, maybe soft and romantic isn’t your jam. No worries. You can still sport some florals that pack a punch. In your case, look for tropical florals. Yes, the tropical florals you might associate with a Hawaiian beach vacation are right on trend for the upcoming season.

Blonde woman standing against pink wall in navy tropical floral dress

Micro Florals

If you’re not quick to jump on the floral fashion trend in general, micro florals might be the perfect fit for you. Micro florals are quite simply just a floral pattern, but done on a small scale. With a micro floral print you get that minimalistic and fresh feel that we all strive for once the birds start chirping. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Young brunette haired women wearing a floral print blouse and mint skirt leaning against a bike

Retro Inspired Florals

Let’s keep with the loud and bold theme, shall we? Another way to add personality into your wardrobe is through the retro floral. Retro florals are loud, proud, and certainly not afraid of making an impact. Think oversized flowers done in bright green and vibrant red that are reminiscent of the 1960s. Is this something you would try?

Red headed woman wearing a retro floral dress belted with an orange belt

Clearly, whether you gravitate towards the more loud and bold prints, or subtle and soft patterns are more up your alley, this trend report shows that for 2018, there’s a floral pattern out there for everyone and anyone. Do some exploring, find the floral that most directly speaks to you, and we guarantee you’ll be both looking and feeling like a springtime goddess.