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How to Wear White Denim After Labor Day

August 25, 2017

The clock is ticking and we all know the drill: no white jeans after Labor Day. But does this fashion rule still ring true? Although we’re looking forward to cozy fall fashion, don’t pack away your white denim just yet. Here’s some quick tricks to transition them into fall.

Neutral Handbag

The easiest way to bring your white denim into fall? With a neutral-colored handbag, of course. Shades like camel, beige, chestnut brown, taupe, or even blush work great against white and add an autumn feel to your look in no time.

Stylish woman wearing white denim, black trench coat, and carrying a chestnut brown leather crossbody bag.

Off-White Pieces

Try pairing your crisp white denim with off-white pieces. Whether it’s a cream-colored accessory (like a hat or bag) or an ivory sweater, off-white pieces add instant warmth to white jeans and create a chic, monochromatic look that’s perfect for fall.

Woman walking down outdoor stairs wearing cuffed white jeans, gray booties, a tucked cream sweater, and a cream leather purse.

Long Outerwear

Your choice of outerwear can effortlessly take your look from one season to the next. As we float into fall, wear your white jeans with outerwear that has more length, like a trench coat or long duster sweater. Also, make sure your outerwear is an autumn earth tone (like trendy poppy orange, aubergine, or olive) so your look doesn’t appear too summery.

Fashionable woman wearing cropped flared white denim with black pumps and a poppy orange trench coat.


For fall, swap out those strappy summer sandals for a pair of ankle booties. Or, pick a pair of trendy athletic sneakers to wear with your favorite white jeans — just make sure what you wear on top is autumn appropriate. White denim, sneakers, and a cute cropped sweater will give you a sporty-chic look that’s ideal for the changing weather.

Cuffed white jeans with magenta and cream athletic sneakers.

Seriously, who says you can’t wear white denim after Labor Day? With these simple style tweaks, you can rock them ‘til winter!