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Sneak Peek: Fall Fashion for Teens

August 18, 2017

With school back in session and the summer coming to a close, fall fashion is already making its entrance. From hipster flannel to chic sportswear to cool neutral tones, cozy fall style is something we look forward to all year long. Teens: here are the top trends to look out for…


For girls, pullover sweatshirts, athletic leggings, and stylish running shoes make for a chic and sporty look. For boys, joggers are the biggest sportswear trend. High-quality outdoor-wear, like raincoats, softshell jackets, and windbreakers, are also making a fashion statement this fall (and are perfect for mixed fall weather).

Teen girl wearing fashionable athleisure at school.

Teen boy sitting with his laptop outside in an outdoorsy fashion jacket.


Beige, taupe, gray, and even mauve, lavender, and pale pink tones will all be top color trends for fall. Try a taupe sweater with a pair of white cropped denim. Or, dress for class in an all-gray outfit for a stylish monochromatic look.

Stylish teen girl wearing taupe sweater, cropped white denim, and a yellow backpack.

Stylish teen boy wearing light gray denim, gray t-shirt, and a dark gray denim jacket.


Flannel and fall are a classic combo. For a cute girly look, tie your favorite flannel around your waist. Boys: try layering a denim jacket or edgy bomber over a flannel button down for a ‘90s retro look.

Teen boy wearing a denim jacket, flannel shirt, and white t-shirt.

Two teen girls wearing pullover sweatshirts, distressed jeans, white sneakers, and flannel shirts tied around their waists.

Bomber Jackets

Whether they are leather, satin, or varsity-style, the versatile bomber jacket is the go-to outerwear for fall. Bombers also add instant, classy flair to any school outfit.

Teen girl listening to music wearing a maroon and cream varsity-style bomber jacket.

Fashionable teen boy wearing sunglasses and a black leather and wool bomber jacket.

Distressed Denim

Distressed denim is easily this year’s most popular trend and aren’t going anywhere come fall.Frayed, ripped, bleached, or patched — distressed denim comes in many different washes and varieties, and they look great on everyone!

Fashionable teen girl wearing ripped jeans and a floral bomber jacket.

Trendy teen boy wearing distressed jeans.

Graphic Tees

From trendy text to psychedelic designs, graphic tees are a staple for fall and are a great fashion choice for expressing your unique personality. On a hot day, a graphic tank with a pair of shorts is casually cool for school. A graphic tee paired with jeans is also an effortless school outfit but still looks put-together and on-trend.


Group of teen students wearing assorted graphic tees.

Get ready to express yourself this fall, trendy teens. Whether you’re sporty, daring, outdoorsy, artistic, or even a little bit of everything, you can wear all the latest trends and still have your personality be the star of your look.