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Back-to-School Style

August 11, 2017

From cool new denim to stylish shoes, there’s tons of new trends to get the kids excited for back-to-school. Help ease their summer blues by going on a shopping spree and decking out their closets for the fall.


Anything that has athletic stripes or is made with sporty jersey or mesh material is super fashionable for both boys andgirls. A sporty bomber or varsity style jacket will enable them glide confidently into class in style, whole comfy joggers are also trendy. To make sure they don’t look too casual for school, just pair them with a fresh new tee and a denim jacket.

Boy wearing a blue and grey varsity-style bomber jacket, white tee, and camel chinos.

Baseball Caps

As an extension of the sportswear theme, baseball caps for girls and boys are incredibly hot this fall. They're currently available in all types of materials you wouldn't expect such as leather, suede, and velvet, turning the typical plain baseball cap into something a lot more interesting. Patterns are also popular and you can find cute caps in floral and geometric patterns.

Girl wearing a red and blue plaid shirt and an orange suede baseball hat.

Distressed Denim

Funky distressed and faded denim is a leading trend this back-to-school season. Available in all sorts of washes, you can let them mix and match their new jeans with their favorite t-shirts. If their jeans are a tad too long, they can roll them up into a chic ankle cuff.


Shirts with Sayings

Kids always have something to say, so let them say it on their shirts (appropriately, of course). The phrase trend is at an all-time high this season and you can find t-shirts with all types of fun sayings. If they like the phrase, they'll love the shirt — it's as easy as that.

Boys t-shirt design with the written words, “work hard play harder.”

High-Top Sneakers

Classic and reliable, you can never go wrong with high-top sneakers. This season, high-tops are a huge hit. From bold color combos to busy patterns to trendy metallics (like rose gold and silver), there are tons of style choices for both boys and girls. These sneakers not only look fashionable but they are also recess-friendly ­— great for active kids. If you have younger children, high-tops with Velcro are especially adorable (and functional).

Stylish little girl wearing denim shortalls, a pink backpack, blue hairbow, and pink metallic high-top sneakers.

Get your sweet students excited about back-to-school clothes with these trendy new looks. With some new outfits that they feel comfortable and confident in, returning to the classroom won’t seem so bad after all.