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Back-to-School Backpacks

August 04, 2017

Whether your little one is heading to their first day of kindergarten or your student is a seasoned school-goer (with the heavy textbooks to prove it), a backpack that they love will get them excited to enter the classroom. Get ready for back-to-school season and find out which backpack styles deserve an A+ this fall.


High-fashion backpacks are all the rage this fall. Faux leather drawstring backpacks are especially chic and make ideal school bags if you have a stylish student heading to class. Fun faux fur, fringe, leather belt and buckle details, sparkling jewels, and pom-poms also add fashionable flair to backpacks. Camo, tropical print, soft florals, and bold metallics will also be big backpack trends this fall.

Fashionable grey leather backpack with grey pom-pom.

Girl wearing a black leather fashion backpack.


If your kid is a star athlete, sportier backpacks might be more their style. They can choose from more outdoorsy, rugged-style backpacks (which are also very comfortable and suitable for large books and binders), or go for more of a retro sporty look with a simple, classic pack. Many of these retro sporty backpacks have a square-shaped leather embellishment on the front pocket, have very few compartments and zippers, and come in solid colors or preppy color-blocking (so ‘90s).

Blue, green, and yellow color blocked ‘90s style backpack.

Boy wearing a rugged outdoorsy backpack.


Whimsical backpacks ­that resemble animals or even popular cartoon, comic, and movie characters (look out for the emoji craze!) make adorable academic accessories. The little ones usually gravitate towards these styles, as they can bring their most beloved characters with them to school — from Wonder Woman to Thomas the Tank Engine. Better yet, you can get them a lunchbox to match.

Little boy wearing a backpack with zoo animals on it while carrying a matching lunch box.

Girl opening an emoji patterned backpack.

Whether your student is an upperclassman or a first-timer, a backpack that suits their personal style is a back-to-school staple.