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Dorm Must-Haves

July 28, 2017

Summer will be over before we know it. For college-bound kids, this means it’s time to get the gear for your dorm room. But dorm rooms are small, and the challenge is to fit all your necessities into half of a room the size of some closets. Don’t stress – with a little ingenuity, and a lot of organization, it can be done…


College dorm rooms usually come with a long twin bed, a small desk, a dresser or wardrobe, and not much else. Increase your storage space with under-the-bed storage boxes, or go vertical with stacked shelves. Make your small closet more efficient by adding shoe cubbies for the floor, hanging organizers, or over-the-door hanging shoe pockets. Find multi-pair pants hangers so that your jeans take up less space in your closet. Utilize hooks for coats, backpacks, towels, and keys. And always use removable sticky strips so you don’t damage the walls. 

College dorm room wardrobe filled with storage cubes and hanging organizer.


Plastic-framed baskets with removable mesh bags or pop-up mesh bags are easy to transport. You might want to get a hamper with two sections (for lights and darks) so there’ll be no need to sort clothes in the laundry room. 

Wire mesh laundry basket.


Bedding is your chance to express your personality and unique style. Whether it’s bold and bright colors, feminine florals, artsy patterns, or your favorite sports teams, how you choose to decorate your bed is completely up to you. Personalize your space with pictures of your pals from home and family photos (don’t forget pet pictures!). Throw pillows, twinkle lights, and small low-maintenance plants like mini succulents add ambience. Posters or removable decals are also a great way to add some flair without damaging the walls.

Decorated pink and blue college dorm room with wall decals, plants, storage cubes, and colorful bedding.


We know you’ll be studying a lot (wink-wink), but a TV and Blu-ray player or gaming console can come in handy for nights in and Netflix study breaks. You can also use your TV screen as an external monitor for your laptop. Lightweight tablets make watching shows on the go super easy and make note-taking in class a cinch. Bluetooth speakers are the perfect way to add sound to a small space, so make sure you get a pair for your room — and maybe some wireless headphones for the library.

Group of college students studying at a library table with personal tablets and a pair of wireless headphones.

Now that your college shopping list is set, you’re ready to embark on the adventure of your life. Enjoy!